The Lelooska Museum Collection

Due to COVID-19 reservations are required to visit the Lelooska Museum. Please visit the reservations page to reserve a time to visit the museum and grounds.

The Lelooska Museum holds an immense collection of artifacts from many regions: the Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and the Arctic. These items are many and varied including baskets, parfleches, corn husk bags, dolls, spoons, cradles, moccasins, tomahawks, pipes, pipe bags, dresses, a 15 foot birch bark canoe and an entire replica fur trade store fully furnished to the period. The Lelooska Foundation uses this collection to share the great diversity of our Native Peoples of North America with the students and adults who attend our living history program and visit our museum.

The museum is open from 11am until 3pm on Saturdays from Memorial day weekend through Labor Day weekend.