Summer Special Events

Current Summer Events:

Summer 2018 events coming soon.

Examples of Past Summer Events:

Flint, Steel & Black Powder

Join us for a day of learning about flint and steel. Making fire is an essential survival skill. In this program we demonstrate making fire with flint and steel and the flintlock ignition mechanism. Learn the basics of fire starting, the materials required, and how fire was transported. Try sparking a fire with a flint and steel set and catching it on char cloth. Concludes with a musket shooting demonstration.

Native Plants and their Uses

Native plants enhance the character of our landscape, provide low maintenance gardens and maintain local biodiversity by providing food, nesting sites and shelter for wildlife. In the 19th century the indigenous peoples taught the Hudson’s Bay Company how to make use of them. In this program we will tour the grounds identifying and describing how some important plants were used by the indigenous peoples.

Ravenstail Weaving

Ravenstail robes are hand twined ceremonial blankets woven by some Northwest Coast Peoples, developed around the 17th century. They pre-date Chilkat and Button Blankets. Interpretive materials will trace the history of Ravenstail weaving. Watch a demonstration of the twining techniques used in this style of weaving and try your hand at twining. Small project kits will be available for purchase.

Tying it all Together: Making Cordage from Nature

Visit the fur trade camp to see a Dogbane cordage demonstration and basket twining demonstration. Make your own piece of cordage and add a couple of glass trade beads to take home. Special exhibits and native plant tours!

Have Parflesche, Will Travel: Painted Art on Rawhide

Make pigment, bind it into paint and paint your own rawhide disk. Interpreters will demonstrate the paint making process and paint a design on hide. Learn about the parflesche and practice packing! Special exhibits and more!

Buttons, Blankets & The Trade
Learn about trapping and the fur trade from interpreters at our fur trade camp outside the museum, then bring your “pelts” to our fur trade store to trade for button blanket trade goods. Visitors will then have the opportunity to make their own miniature button blankets from felt and sequins. Special exhibits and more!

Girl Scout Day at the Lelooska Cultural Center
Come join us for Girl Scout Day at the Lelooska Cultural Center.


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