Exploring Traditions: Storytelling

  • 10:00 AM
  • 165 Merwin Village Rd, Ariel WA 98603
  • 360-225-9522

90 Minutes, 120 Guests Maximum, $12 Per Person (Processing Fee Included)

Thursdays at 10am

This is not a School Living History Performance, this is a presentation similar to the tours offered in 2022.

Step inside the Ceremonial House, as the cedar doors swing open, you’ll enter the space where the Lelooska Family hosts their Living History Performances. Carvings on house posts surround you as you have a chance to sit inside this traditional building and hear several traditional stories shared by Chief Tsungani. At least two of the masks used in the Living History Performances will be on display, most often an articulated or transformation mask. During the presentation, learn how these masks are created and used. Examples of the different stages in the creation of these masks will be on display, from a block of cedar to a completed mask. Students will also learn about the significance and importance of this building, how it is constructed and what is represented in the carved house posts, welcoming figure, screen, drum and copper. There will be a time for questions and answers at the end of the sharing time.

Next students will visit the Lelooska Museum & Gathering Hall on a self guided tour to explore the art and artifacts in our collections. The museum collection spans across the United States and Canada and contains art and artifacts from many cultural regions.

Included In this Field Trip:

  • 45-60 Minute Presentation & Storytelling with Chief Tsungani.   Duration is dependent on age level.
  • Question & Answer Time with Chief Tsungani.
  • 30 Minutes for Self Guided Tour of the Lelooska Museum & Gathering Hall with knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions.
  • Additional time can be spent:
    • Completing the Museum Hunt in the Lelooska Museum
    • Taking a group photo in front of the totem pole outside the museum
    • Completing the native plant find while exploring our grounds
    • Further exploration of the Gathering Hall collection
    • Exploring the Gift Shop in the Gathering Hall

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