Silent Auction, April 20th 2013

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Please note:  This article describes an event that has already taken place.  The next silent auction is scheduled for April 19, 2014.

Mark your calendars! The Lelooska Foundation’s Silent Auction fundraiser and Donor Program will be held on April 20th, 2013. Bidding opens at 4pm and closes at 7:30, followed by a special donor program.

The auction has been a vibrant outlet for community involvement here at Lelooska for the past nine years. Not only has it proven a successful fundraising event, allowing us to continue serving the community, but it is also a chance for our generous supporters to enjoy the art and history which they help sustain.

In a traditional Potlatch it is desired that each guest leave the host’s house satisfied, having been properly entertained and well fed. It is in this spirit that all guests are welcomed to Lelooska, and our donor program is the highlight of this objective. Our donor program is different every year, including masks, dances and stories that are not usually featured in our regular programs.

This is our opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude to our many friends. Come and celebrate another successful year, take pleasure in our hospitality, eat your fill of good food, and be entertained. Our auction is considered a success when the last guest has left satisfied and looking forward to next year.

We have many wonderful donors, both national and regional, supporting our auction this year!


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