Letter from the Executive Director

Categories: Events

This week historically was one of the busiest of the year as preparations would be underway for our annual Donor Appreciation Program and Silent Auction. With the arrival of this unprecedented health and financial challenge, the grounds of the Lelooska Cultural Center are quiet. Paths that would be filled with children coming on field trips are now silent. Students have had their classes postponed. Old friends and new friends gathering on a Saturday evening to experience the masks and dances come to life are going to have to wait a little longer.

I have spent a lot of time over the past month trying to find the right words and have come to the realization that they don’t exist. But much of our existence has been about perseverance even in the midst of the storms. Our core values as an organization remain unchanged, to do our very best to support the art, culture and history of so many. We are focusing on what we can do virtually, seeking new ways to connect with you and the thousands of children that will miss their experience this Spring.

We will do our best to maintain and persevere, but we will continue to need some help from our Friends like you. We realize that for some financial resources are not available and we certainly understand. If you are finding yourself with some extra time, you can volunteer virtually. If you have been impacted by your experience here, would you write a letter of support? This can help us with funding in the future. Do you have an idea about how you would like us to connect with you online, or how we could connect with school children through online platforms? We welcome your ideas. While this may not have been the spring we planned for we are celebrating the things that continue every day, as Tsungani continues carving, as volunteers continue sewing, as we continue seeking support and writing letters, our native plants grow and thrive, and we plan for our future that as a community we will continue to build.

Mariah Stoll-Smith Reese
Executive Director

Read the full letter online, including information about rescheduling of school programs and the annual silent auction.