Northwest Coast Woodcarving 1

  • 10:00 AM
  • Lelooska Foundation, 165 Merwin Village Road Ariel, WA 98603
  • (360) 225-9522

Northwest Coast Woodcarving 1: Exploring Traditions

Chief Tsungani takes you on a tour of the region’s varying tribal styles and history of mask making along the Northwest Coast. Tsungani will demonstrate the tools of the trade: the D-adz, elbow adz, crooked knives, straight knives, and slant blades, as well as the techniques used to create ceremonial masks, totem poles, rattles, and other wood carvings. This class will endow you with a solid theoretical understanding of Northwest woodcarving from a current master, and is intended for all levels of skill, from woodcarver to curious observer. This is the ideal opportunity to expand your knowledge of Northwest Coast Indian art. You are welcome to bring a piece of your own for critique. Please bring a lunch.

10am-3pm. $45