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Experience magnificent Northwest Coast masks as they come to life in our Kwakwaka’wakw ceremonial house. The Lelooska Family shares the songs, dances, stories and masks which display the rights, crests and privileges bestowed on them by the late Chief James Aul Sewide. Chief Tsungani carries on the traditions of his brother the late Chief Lelooska, performing with other family members.

Following the program students will visit the Lelooska Museum which displays an extensive collection of Native Artifacts from North America. They will have the opportunity to ask Chief Tsungani and the Lelooska Family questions and learn the significance of many of the artifacts on display. Student comments highlight the impact of the school programs.

School Program Details

We are now taking reservations for the Fall 2018–Spring 2019 school year.  Please call (360) 225-9522 for space availability. (Reservations for Fall 2019–Spring 2020 Season will open on June 1, 2019.) School programs are most appropriate for children in the 3rd or 4th grades, however other age groups can be accommodated. Space is limited, reserve early!

Admission is $6.00 per person adult or child. Programs begin at 10:30am and are approximately one hour in length, followed by a visit to the Lelooska Museum. Advance reservations are necessary. To reserve, please call (360) 225-9522

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