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Experience magnificent Northwest Coast masks as they come to life in the glimmering firelight of a Kwakwaka’wakw ceremonial house.  The Lelooska Family shares the songs, dances, stories and masks which display the rights, crests and privileges bestowed on them by the late Chief James Aul Sewide.  Chief Tsungani carries on the traditions of his brother, the late Chief Lelooska, performing with other family members in Ariel, Washington, 31 miles northeast of Portland, Oregon.

Set in the fire-lit replica of a Kwa’kwaka’wakw ceremonial house, the living history performance consists of dramatic narration and dance presentations of traditional Northwest Coast ceremonial masks. Chief Tsungani and the Lelooska Family dancers bring each mask to life with its song, dance and story. The performance is designed to give the audience an understanding of Northwest Coast First Nations culture, as well as a feeling of intimate participation in this living history.  Approximately two hours in length.  $12 Adults, $8 Children 12 and under.  Evening programs begin at 7:00pm.  Grounds open at 5:30pm, including the Lelooska Museum. (See the Evening Program Flyer.)

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